Self-Leveling Engineered Concrete / vapor barriers

Our employees are certified and experienced with many types of underlayments and wear surfaces.

BSB has been able to solve clientís substrate problems installing engineered self-leveling concretes.

When substrates indicate conditions that require moisture mitigation systems prior to installing final floor surface systems, BSB can install moisture vapor barrier systems.

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Application of vapor barrier prior to final floor system installed by general contractor

Substrate rehabilitation included grinding and installation of self-leveling engineered concrete to achieve a smooth flat floor

BSB Construction

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Our Technicians can accurately perform surveys on existing slabs to calculate elevation deviations. With this information we can determine specific application of self-leveling engineered concrete to level and smooth out a slab.

The pictures below depict the removal of cracked surface concrete portion of floor slab.

Once prepared, high strength engineered self-leveling concrete was poured in place to meet existing surrounding slab elevations. New substrate surface was perfectly poured, and within days coated with sealer. This process is a common part of BSBís rehabilitation of facility floor surfaces.