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All employees of BSB Construction are licensed asbestos abatement supervisor/handlers by the NYDOL. BSB uses the latest technology with abatement of surface materials, asbestos paints, caulks, roofing, and insulation.

Using multiple mobile decontamination units, BSB is swift to prepare the project containments, allowing for time efficient abatement projects.

Several roofing contractors call on BSB to remove ACM roofing materials, and prepare areas for penetrations and installation of new units.

BSB will abate pipe insulation and then reinsulated upon request.

Removal of floor tile and mastics is fast and efficient with an arsenal of surface preparation equipment.

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Abatement and encapsulation of Lead is a service BSB excels in. Employees are certified in the removal and handling of this material. BSB has performed intricate restoration of Lead contaminated architectural moldings and ornamental wood contaminated with Lead paint.


Mold contamination is a very common condition that needs to be handled. Whether it is cleaning, treating with neutralizer, or total removal of contaminated pieces, BSB will handle the project safely and quickly.

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